Business Automation / CRM implementation

More than 50% of the CRM implementation fails to achieve the “undefined” outcome and ends up as a failed IT investment. We at XRM ROI (Extended Relationship Management Return on Investment) help organization in defining and achieving the desired results from their XRM/CRM initiative. We believe that a CRM project should have a long term roadmap with intermediate tollgates defined. Each toll gate should have the business benefit defined and the project should proceed only if the defined outcome is achieved.  We believe that CRM implementation should be mapped to business capability enablement/Lift.  While the XRM and CRM technologies are key enablers, it also gives rise to a wide range of complexities that most organizations are not prepared for. This is where you need the right business automation services that can facilitate effective management of ever changing business needs and workflows.

We at XRM RoI don’t look at a CRM implementation in light of deploying salesforce, Dynamics 365 or SAP CRM. For us CRM implementation means enabling business capability and we look across capability to deliver a business solution. We have consultants who expertise in Dynamics CRM, Azure, Power BI,Xperido, Click Dimension, SalesForce& Siebel and look at a business problem and work across technologies to deliver best result for the client.

Business Automation Tasks

  • Automation of a client’s business processes: paperwork, employee management, client relations, accounting, and communication tools/systems
  • Automation of a client’s production/service provision: this includes streamlining the manufacturing line and the purchase process, and infusing automation into the client’s customer management systems

Business Automation Development Expertise

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Data management: ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) platforms implementation
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Business process management system development

We Are Proud of Our Work

Doing a simple research is always good to start the process and planning.