D365 Customer Engagement (CE)

D365 CE is a cloud-based CRM solution that allows the user to engage with customers. The solution helps companies revolutionize sales, marketing, field service, customer service, and more. Optimize customer-orientated workflows for improved sales, marketing, and enhance profitability. Anticipates customer needs which in turn helps clients improve their relationships with their end clients and move through their sales and marketing funnels.

One major benefit of D365 CE is that it syncs with Microsoft’s existing ecosystem of products – which includes Outlook, PPT, Excel, and Word. The user can integrate data from these tools with the help of CRM for unparalleled intelligence into customer relationships. It also offers security, scalability, and cost-saving benefits. D365 CE helps clients manage their interaction with existing and valuable customers. It boosts sales growth and uses data analysis from various communication channels such as email, websites, live chat, phone calls, social media and others.

Why Choose US?

At XRMROI, we offer D365 CE consulting services so that you can track and manage your customers across multiple channels easily. Our implementation services will help you unify customer data, improve lead conversions and enhance sales rates. Based on your industry, our consultants will select and implement a CRM solution. We also help in offering real-time business information so that the user can deliver consistent customer experiences. We believe that a CRM project should have a long-term roadmap with intermediate tollgates defined. Each toll gate should highlight the business benefits and the project should proceed only if the defined outcome is achieved.

D365 Finance & Operations (F&O)

Dynamics 365 F&O is a cloud-based ERP system that augers well for big and small-scale companies. It gives the user the ability to keep track of all the accounts and inventory. Large, diversified businesses with presence in several industries frequently use D365 F&O when they wish to manage their finances, inventory, and other operations in the cloud. Dynamics 365 Finance aids businesses in financial management, accounting, project management, and budgeting. While D365 Supply Chain Management helps medium to large scale enterprise companies enhance supply chain agility, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing productivity through IoT, AI and mixed reality to provide.

Dynamics F&O helps clients manage their finances – such as provide a quote, make invoices and collect payments. It helps in building accounting statements and analyze company’s financial/fiscal year performance. On the supply side of things, it helps clients manage inventory, projects and automate tasks to increase productivity. Lastly, it also plays an instrumental role in handling tax and compliance issues and is a perfect solution for companies having diverse operations across regions and having to handle multiple currencies across the globe.

Why Choose US?

At XRMROI, we believe that CRM implementation should be mapped to business capability enablement/Lift. We at XRM ROI help organizations in defining and achieving the desired results from their XRM/CRM initiative. While the XRM and CRM technologies are key enablers, it also gives rise to a wide range of complexities that most organizations are not prepared for. This is where you need the right business automation services that can facilitate the effective management of ever-changing business needs and workflows.

How XRM ROI facilitates CRM implementation?

With an effective CRM, you can implement your customer management strategy efficiently. To help you succeed in client management, we implement the following steps:

Step 1: We first evaluate the requirements in order to choose the desired CRM solution

Step 2: Our experts will design the workflow concerning the tasks you want to perform in a CRM system.

Step 4: Our custom CRM consulting ensures that all functional modules are in place and that CRM development is the best-case scenario for your company.

Step 5: Lastly, if you are dealing with a backlog of CRM issues, we can address those too. Our CRM improvement consulting service will help you understand how CRM systems can benefit your business process.

Our Services

The services offered by us are:

  • Ongoing updates: No more need for expensive upgrades to D365!
  • Lower implementation costs for no-code personalization and customization
  • Advance support and superior service
  • Enhanced output without compromising upgrading capability
  • Quicker implementations and better results