D365 Implementation

At XRMROI, we offer a broad range of CRM (customer relationship management) consulting services so that you can track and manage your customers across multiple channels easily. With us, you can get end-to-end visibility into customers. Our CRM services, from CRM, consulting to implementation help businesses analyse customer needs. We also offer real-time business information so that you can deliver consistent customer experiences.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It manages an organisation’s interaction with existing and valuable customers. CRM boosts sales growth and uses data analysis from various communication channels such as email, websites, live chat, phone calls, social media and others.

Quick Start

Our CRM services range from CRM consulting to implementation that helps businesses understand and analyse their customer needs. We also offer real-time business information so that you can deliver consistent customer experiences.More than 50% of CRM implementation campaigns encounter issues due to misaligned goals and inaccurate preparation. We put the clients at the centre of our service with Quick Start.

We offer a personalised customer experience to drive your business growth. XRMROI’s Quick Start Dynamics 365 solutions are designed to help your business start using a reliable Microsoft CRM or ERP system as soon as possible. A new Dynamics 365 solution for your business will be implemented in just 14 days for less than AUD25,000, with ample support and training from our in-house consulting professionals.


XRMROI’s CMaaS initiative intends to address this concern of the Marketing team by offering End-to-End Campaign Management as a Service, so that the marketers can focus on designing campaigns and XRMROI can take care of the Configuring/Executing/RoI Reporting of the campaign using the Dynamics 365 CRM.

Services Offered

  • Data Loading, Validation and De-duplication
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign Planning
  • E-Mail Campaign Execution
  • SMS Campaign Execution
  • Event Campaign Execution
  • Response Tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Campaign Performance Report
XRMROI has a strong analytical model development capability and can support the client with predictive models to improve marketing campaign effectiveness. Our team will analyse your business in and out, thereby, evaluating your objectives, customers, competition and challenges, ensuring that the campaign management recommendations align with your brand and business goals. Whether you are growing your brand, driving engagement or seeking new customers, we have the right campaign management plan to suit your needs and execute it with accuracy and speed.